The Mount Hospital Pharmacy is an on-site private pharmacy experienced in clinical trial requirements. 

Facilities include:

  • Fridge (2-8°C) - temperature monitored (min/max) and alarmed
  • Ambient storage - temperature monitored (daily min- max) 
  • Onsite facilities to prepare cytotoxic drugs
  • Licensed to receive, store cytotoxic or controlled substances/material
  • Restricted access
  • Emergency storage  in event of power outage
  • Blinded pharmacist is available if required
  • Drug Destruction Policy
  • Temperature Monitoring Policy


Mount Hospital has a private onsite imaging department which provides standard imaging (MRI/CT) and isotope imaging (Bone Scans) procedures for all our clinical trials. This facility is an accredited Diagnostic Imaging Service. It has been accredited by multiple clinical trial central imaging vendors including Radpharm, Perceptives and BIO Imaging. 

While there are no PET facilities onsite, they are located in close proximity .


A private 24 hour laboratory service is located onsite. The laboratory has extensive experience in clinical trials and processing samples for central laboratories. 

  • 24 hour operation
  • NATA accredited
  • Power outage backup
  • Centrifuges (ambient temp only, max 3500 rpm)
  • Freezer -30ºC - temp monitored (min/max recorded daily) and alarmed
  • Equipment calibrated annually
  • Laboratory normal ranges (updated annually or sooner if required)