Why partner with our sites? 

By choosing to partner with Clinitrials, you will have access to quality research sites with experienced and dedicated clinical research staff. By incorporating our stringent quality management processes, our sites are well equipped to meet study targets and deliver successful trial outcomes.

The staff at Clinitrials have worked as either Study Co-coordinators, Research Nurses, Research Assistants, Project and/or Trial Managers - and nearly every position in between - and have a thorough understanding of the issues involved in running a successful clinical trial at site level.

You can be confident we have the capabilities and experience to conduct your trial. Our reputation for excellence is built upon the contributions of many participants and has allowed us to successfully complete many clinical trials. 

Centralised Activities

  • HREC submission - designated start up specialist

  • Budget and Contracts negotiations

  • Source documents ( ALCOA C )

  • Training

  • Trial administration

  • Internal QA – some of our staff are also monitors/ CRA’s so we conduct internal monitoring

Staff and Facilities

  • Experienced study staff

  • All staff have current (within 2 years) GCP training certificates

  • Staff have experience with a range of eCRF systems and study portals

 Quality Management Processes

  • Principal Investigator oversight processes in place

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Internal Quality Assurance program

  • GCP compliant Source Document template

  • Equipment compliance program

  • Training and education

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