If we are to advance medical care, we need everyone to think about participating in clinical research. As a GP, specialist or health professional, you can help patients access clinical trials by doing one of the following

 REFER FOR A specific trial

All our trials are listed on the website (Enrolling Trials Tab) along with some of the main eligibility criteria.

If you have a patient you think may be suitable , click here and complete the one page referral form. We will contact the patient direct regarding the trial, and keep you informed.


We know that sometimes you don't have the time or resources to tell every patient about every clinical trial that may be available to them. However, having a general conversation about clinical research and/or displaying clinical trial posters and leaflets in the practice can be very beneficial and encourage patients to self-refer for clinical trials.

Lack of awareness has been cited as a major challenge for trial recruitment.

The benefits of being in a clinical trial are well documented including:

  • Access to new and novel treatments not available on prescription
  • Frequent medical consultation as part of trial eligibility review
  • Ongoing patient education during the trial process
  • No out of pocket expenses for study specific procedures or transport costs

If you are interested in displaying clinical trial posters or leaflets in your practice, please contact us.