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Clinical trials are the key to extend our knowledge and improve current treatments and care both now and in the future. A clinical trial is a rigorously controlled research study of a new drug, new device or new technique to assess if it is safe and effective for use in humans. All trials must be conducted in accordance with the stringent regulatory requirement in Australia. The National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia provides more information about clinical trials. You can read more by clicking on the following links: 


Here are some key facts about clinical trials you might like to know:

  • They involve an informed consent process where all relevant information is provided in a written form prior to deciding if you would like to participate
  • Clinical trials must follow a detailed protocol, which is a plan that describes what doctors and participants are to do during the  study
  • Participants can withdraw from a clinical trial at any time they choose
  • Clinical trials are governed by national ethics guidelines and codes of conduct
  • Clinical trials must be reviewed and approved by an independent Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) to ensure that the research conforms to the requirements of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research

Being in a clinical trial offers: 

  • Access to new and novel treatments not available on prescription
  • Close medical monitoring
  • Ongoing patient education
  • Reimbursement of transport costs for trial visits