Why join our network ?

Research is a key component for any institution at the forefront of clinical service delivery - healthcare accreditation programs recognise this.  In addition there is strong evidence that Institutions that engage in research have better patient outcomes.

By joining our network you can be involved in research and potentially make a difference to patient outcomes by providing access to clinical trials. 

There are numerous ways to be involved, please see below or contact us now to find out more.

Did you know that Clinitrials has already helped to establish multiple clinical trial units and supported many investigators in the conduct of their research.


If you join our network as an affiliated sites (free to join) we will be able to reimburse the practice for the time and effort involved in the referral process, please contact us to find out more. 


Some trials require extensive pre-screening to identify potentially suitable patients. On occasions, Clinitrials may request to partner with affiliated GP clinics to undertake a database search of existing patients. Clinitrials compensates its partners for the time they spend on this research. 

CONDUCT trials in your practice

If you are interested in conducting clinical trials at your practice, please contact us. Conducting clinical trials provide an income revenue and also supports clinical practice. There is no joining fee to be part of our network. We will provide you with the necessary support to meet your investigator requirements and complete all the logistical and regulatory components in order to make your trial happen.